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March 14, 2006

you know things are bad when your horoscope makes perfect sense

This must be the first time Nerve got things right:

Libra (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) I'll never understand why people think perms are okay. Sure, I got one during a less auspicious phase in my development, but how has this hairdo delusion endured? This week, people around you will seem to agree unconditionally on everything from those designer-vagina surgeries to which kind of fat content is bad and which kind doesn't matter. Taking a more nuanced longview, you'll feel slightly adrift. Just remember that majority opinions are not necessarily the right ones, as evidenced by recent presidential elections, Skating With Celebrities and the continued existence of the permanent.


So, the Meetic online dating website takes forever to approve your damn profile and photos. Regardless, this did not keep some Spanish guy from instant messaging me last night. My spanish skills got a bit of a workout, which was fun, and he did not ask any untoward questions. (Which is good because my somewhat extensive Spanish vocab does not cover las palabras sexuales. I'd hate to start embarrassing myself in more than one language.) Today, the site sent me a list of 20 monsieurs. From France. Je ne comprende pas francaise, y'all. But I could learn.

Regarding the family, I miss them. I really miss La Niece Supreme. She's at that age (about 15 days from age 1) where she doesn't want to talk on the phone anymore. I need to get one of those webcam/mic thingys stat. One of my favorite colleagues has returned from maternity leave and her child is installed at the daycare in our building, so I do have access to a cute baby but it just isn't the same. Ya know?

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