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March 26, 2006

multicultural bunnies

My plan to have a child named after me is slowly coming to fruition.

Last night, the Thirsty Bunny asked the Multicultural Spitfire to be his in holy matrimony, and she accepted. After I first introduced these two and they were in the first throes of love, they unabashedly thanked me for having introduced them. I took advantage of this weak moment by requesting, "Just name the first child after me, 'kay?"

Fortunately, Whisky Pants is just a nom de plume. My real name is much nicer (albeit rather WASPy). Although, if their first child is a boy he's in for a real treat in grade school.

[All joking aside - I adore these two people and am so pleased! Now we just need to get the Bunny a job closer to DC so we can take greater advantage of his wingman services...] Posted by Picasa

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