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March 22, 2006

still itchy but afraid to scratch

The title applies to two different concurrently running events: my contact dermatitis (must be the damned Cheer laundry detergent) and online dating.

The new dermatologist, an efficient man, checked me out and gave me a prescription for desonide lotion .05%. I think I need more percentage - he's new so he hasn't yet realized that I am prone to rashes and hives (as I am sensitive, obvs), and therefore need the top-shelf ointments. I'm still itchy and red, but the hives are under control. The near-constant scratching of my neck and jaw must be so attractive.

On the other hand, still have not called the chemistry guy. No new emails from the meetic international guy. But, I got an email from the nerve guy that I winked at right before I turned off my profile! Of course, he asks if I'm into sexy shoes straight away which means he can't be taken seriously. On the other hand, I could use something regularly casual.

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