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March 21, 2006

getting by on charm and good looks

I'm fortunate to have two family members visiting DC this week; my cousin is here now for a conference, and Most Beloved Sister of Whiskypants arrives tomorrow (sadly, Supreme Niece and Nephew will not be coming). This is my cousin's first visit to DC, so I met her up at the Capitol to give her a little insider's tour. For those of you not in the know, I used to work there, and now work with Congress as a legislative liaison for a federal agency. Long ago, when I worked for the House of Lords, er, I mean the US Senate, I used to give the VIP tours for the Senator. Sorry to say, I've forgotten most of the tour schpiel.

However, I got my cousin onto both the House and Senate floors today. That's right. No milling about with the dirty masses in the galleries for my family! Unless you work for the Senate, this is quite an achievement. My cousin was way impressed. How did I work such magic? I politely inquired with the US Capitol Police whether my id would allow me to show my cousin the House floor during recess. The officer informed me that I could not, but that he could take us to both. He then escorted us from the House floor over to the Senate floor. And told amazing stories. I owe him a thank you note, and his bosses an "attaboy" note.

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