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March 20, 2006

pot pourri

First, a public service announcement:

I was out shopping for new bath accessories and a medium-sized area rug tonight, and discovered a new mecca for home decor crap - Home Goods. It is owned by TJ Maxx and located out at Bailey's Crossroads. Near the World Market. I still heart World Market, but their prices have gone up a bit.

Second, the chemistry.com guy has sent me his phone number. Now I gotta cowgirl up and call him. I'll do it tomorrow so as to put off a potential meeting for as long as possible. My inner cowgirl still isn't feeling the hogtie-ing urges.

Third, I'm corresponding with a Dutch guy from meetic.com. And I'm okay with that. We've traded about three emails so far, and still no question about what we do for a living. Wheee!

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