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March 30, 2006

mmmmm... caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkeeeee...

The Supreme Niece turns one today. I love the look on her face. She's all, "carbs are my gods!" Lest you fear for her health, there's an angelfood cake under all that delicious icing. And she loves her some strained peas.

And, like her skinny big brother, she's going to lose that baby fat as soon as she gets to walking hardcore. Which will be as soon as her legs aren't so fat. Our little Gordita Bella.

In other news, I might be changing jobs soon. While I've been pondering a change for a little while, all it took was a casual remark to a colleague yesterday to set the proverbial ball a-rolling. And by rolling I mean I received a tentative job offer with a promise that I'd be promoted to the next level at my one-year mark. It all happened in less than 24 hours. It really is all about being in the right place at the right time. If only dating was as easy. Posted by Picasa

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