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April 06, 2006

if ya gotta go...

... then go like Art Buchwald. He's not dead, yet. (Click on the "He is not dead yet" song.)

I read an article about how busy he's been since he entered hospice a week or so ago in the NY Times (sadly, already archived and demanding $3.95 to retrieve it), and the Washington Post has an article today.

Mr. Buchwald decided to forego dialysis and entered a hospice expecting to live about 2-3 weeks. It has been 9. He's been the country's most popular dying person. While I can imagine his family's hurt, I envy his humor and pluck at this time.

Q. Do you have plans yet for your memorial service?
A. Yes, I've chosen my speakers. I showed the list to a lady friend, and she said, "You have no women speaking for you." I told her all my girlfriends are going to be pallbearers. When I mentioned it to one lady friend, she became excited and asked, "What should I wear?"

"So for just choosing a way to say goodbye, I now have a chance to relive every walk of my life and all the memories.

I don't want you to think I'm recommending a hospice -- unless you can be assured you're going to be on television and in the New York Times. You don't want to leave this world without anybody knowing you've been here."

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