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April 27, 2006

i am, like, huge in morocco

At least this one doesn't think I'd be even more beautiful if I was veiled:

how are you today
iam at first i think to you in this time
iam man from morocco i have 26
i want to know many about you
care yourself a
adil from morocco
withe best from my heart"

I understand the limited grasp on English, but not of punctuation and capitalization. Also, I'd get why a non-practicing muslim might send me an email or wink, but not one who practices. Then again, I don't have any idea how many (or even if) muslim women are also on these websites, not to mention whether they're into the dirty instant messaging favored by so many men of countless creeds and colors.

The Saturday date (from nerve) has been confirmed and phone numbers exchanged. He seems okay. Maybe a little whiny. We'll see. Another potential suitor has requested a meeting, but is reluctant to speak on the phone. I'm not a huge fan of chatting on the phone, but it is a bonafide weeding tool - I have avoided meeting a couple psychos via phone interviews. I fully realize that people have bad days, but misogynists and assholes tend to reveal themselves easily.

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