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April 23, 2006

i did stuff

NYC was fun except for the cold rain yesterday afternoon/evening. I shopped, drank with friends, got a wee bit drunk, was pampered, was attacked by cats in the middle of the night, got cranky, bought several books and borrowed several pounds more, broke stuff (still sorry about that, TAS), beautified and then hauled all my loot home.

The experts at the Town Shop examined my assets and determined that I was wearing the wrong cup size. I've been bumped up to the next cup. Crazy. Two new bras (er - fierce feats in modern engineering) were purchased. TAS went up two cup sizes and bought a teensy adorable little piece of fluff with which she may show them to a better advantage.

I love the Alabama Slama. She is a goddess. A very energetic goddess. She can talk about a wide array of topics, and knows the sorts of things that a Dad might not know. Effectively, she and my Dad are my go-to people for things like how to seal a damp wall or what it means when that warning light keeps coming on in my car (actually, nobody is sure about that last one). Like I've said before, she has the energy of a small kindergarten class. I need to up my vitamin intake. Fortunately, she's dating a very nice Irish lad who seems to work and play as hard as she does.

Also got to hang out with the Brooklyn Freckler, who looks fantastic and is about to start a very interesting new job managing a performance space in her nabe. She's anxious about it, but she will be wonderful.

I also had the fortune to spend time with someone I hadn't seen in several years. We shall call him The Barney's COOP Ninja. He's doing amazing work in the area of emergency relief in areas experiencing (or recently experiencing) conflict. He just returned from some time in Liberia where he contracted a mild case of malaria. For record, I'm thinking that my plan to stick to colder climates might be a good one. Iceland is looking good. So is Scotland in the Autumn. I'm pretty sure they don't have malaria there.

New topic: La Fea Mas Bella starts tomorrow night. It's basically a copy of my most beloved Betty La Fea. BLF is what kicked off this whole telenovela madness that has become my weekday evenings. I'm beginning to wonder if I should start a viewing party situation at my nearby mexican restaurant, just so I can at least be social about it. Maybe it'll turn into the L Word or Sex in the City sort of viewing party situation, except with margaritas and coke-bottle glasses...

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