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May 03, 2006

i lack the discipline or interest to be a puma

A puma is a cougar under the age of 40 - but like cougars, they prey on younger men. Nerve (click on it when you get home as most workplaces won't let this site through the firewalls) has damn funny article on how to be a cougar, while pointing out the hypocrisy of most men when confronted with the concept of older women with younger men. It kinda sounds like too much work anyway.

"I'm so tired of the double standard," I said, pulling on a black mini and
leopard-print halter.

"When I mentioned this expedition to certain dudes, they acted as if I were opening another Neverland Ranch. Meanwhile, half of them won't even look at a woman over thirty."

"I actually don't think men in their forties are that different from men in their twenties," Red pointed out. "The main difference is that when a man is in his forties, his back hair starts to connect with his chest hair."

"It becomes like a shirt," Jen added.

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