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June 14, 2006

the awkward years

Oh, the 80's. I really don't miss them. At this point, my sister was all arms and legs, and my boobs were pretty much non-existent. We're still sporting bangs as well as some serious feathered hair. At least I had the, er, good sense (what?? you got something to say about it?) to wear a hat. You can blame Duran Duran for the hat. Actually, you can blame Duran Duran for lots of things.

So, I got called out for the post where I questioned my sanity for having sent the Whisky Pants linky-loo to a beau... (In all honesty, it happened by accident during a very blonde moment and I don't really regret the error.) It was suggested that I could simply request that he discontinue reading the blog. Pish! As if I could be so cruel to deprive him of such pleasure!

Now things are going to be really awkward. Posted by Picasa

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