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June 04, 2006

i thought i would be more tired

A weekend in review starting with most recent events:

1. toy shopping at Babeland (NSFW - especially if you work for Big Brother - but a tasteful adult toy boutique);
2. brunch at the famous Balthazar (I had the eggs Bella Donna and they were fantastic);
3. saving of the Alabama Slama's soul via the sacrament of baptism (sarcasm implied as I don't think that one has to be "saved" in order to go to heaven, but spirituality is a good thing);
4. drinks and baseball;
5. excellent sushi at some hole in the wall near the Slama's;
6. mani's and pedi's
7. eyebrow threading (first time - I hope it's not a nightmare to maintain) at a little place on Murray Hill called "Thread";
8. shopping;
9. beauty overload at Bergdorf Goodman (Laura Mercier and Prada products purchased);
10. brunch (French joint named Fada) with the Slama and the Brooklyn Freckler in Billyburg;
11. dinner at Noodles on 28th; and
12. happy hour at Makers.

The train trip up was more interesting than usual as I sat next to a chatty young woman on her way to meet her biological father's family in MA. I must appear to be really trustworthy as some people will tell me just about anything - she was rather sweet and vulnerable so I won't go into details. The train trip back was blissfully quiet and allowed me to reflect upon what was a wonderful weekend.

More on spiritual issues later.

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