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June 21, 2006

i like my men clean shaven

I'm not a fan of goatees. They're okay on men I'm not dating, but hell on the ones I am.

The deal is that I have rather sensitive skin and most facial hair is rather abrasive. Have you ever spent an hour or so kissing someone only to have to go home and coat your face with neosporin and then have the tip of your nose peel the next day? No? You lucky bastards.

Also, the bristles completely throw off my kissing game. I can't concentrate on (my usual mad) kissing skills or if I even like how the man is kissing me because I'm distracted by the intense exfoliation being tendered by my date. I have kissed a couple men in my life who had fairly well-maintained goatees or beards - the bristles were longer and I think they actually used conditioner on them - and it wasn't awful. I can handle this guy's look.

I'm really not into facial hair fashion at all. Moustaches creep me out. Beards seem dirty (unless you're Santa Claus). And what is up with those long straggly chin-only beards that young bald men are into?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with my tweezers.

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