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June 26, 2006

sangria and biblical floods

At least part of my evening was lovely. I went to dinner with a dear friend, the Portuguese Man-O-War (how ya like your new sobriquet?), and we drank a fair amount of sangria and ate tapas at Churreria Madrid. Their sangria is very subtle and fantastically cheap! PMOW fed me, entertained me, and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. How great is that?

Well, I'm beyond grateful for that lovely time since I had to come home and spend the past 2.5 hours bailing out my back room. God's wrath sent quite the deluge on us this evening, and it seems the back wall is having some issues. The landlords and I spent a while trying to dry it out - we borrowed a wet-vac around 12:30 am from a neighbor - and boyfriend of landlady spent some time drilling different holes outside to try and coax the water into following a path that did not lead inside my apartment. He then applied some sort of epoxy cement that expands instead of contracts. Boys are so handy! I believe we were successful. But I'm supposed to get up in a bit and check on it. Blech.

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