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November 19, 2004

sweet fancy jeebus - is the week really over?

This week was interminably long. It has been very slow at work, the usual entertaining blogs offered little in the way of amusement (except for this article sent to me by TMS and this post by The Silver Fox).

The robbery date guy has been vacationing in Italy for the past two weeks and doesn't get back till late Saturday. But, he has already asked to see me on Sunday night, and he is bringing a gift! As stated previously, perhaps it is time to give this one a blog handle (blandle? blongdle?). I'm thinking "Nunzio" would be nice. He says that he kept getting mistaken for being Italian anyway, so might as well make it official. I'd say, "Benvenuto, Nunzio!" but I haven't actually given the guy my blog address yet. Gotta take these things slowly.

And I got a little update message from the poor guy that I went out with last February/March - the one where I was all, "um, so... I'm still seeing other people, and I still want to see other people, " and he was all, "but I'm not seeing other people," so I then was all, "well, maybe you should reconsider that." I was a coward and pulled a fadeaway on him after that. (In my defense, he kept his catbox in the kitchen, much like the Fartful Dodger. He was irritatingly nice too - like spineless nice - no challenge whatsoever.) So, he sends out one of those broadcast emails where you bore all your friends by recounting what you had for lunch that day and the last song you heard on the radio, and he oh so subtly mentions his fiancee. I giggled a good bit over that one. Talk about dodging the proverbial grenade...

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