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December 16, 2004

attitude adjustment hour

Sometimes this city just sucks the fun right out of you. There are too many super serious wonks with outrageously inflated opinions regarding their own value running amok for our own good. Not to mention the fact that some (being diplomatic here) governmental agencies are a tad screwed up... Generally, the only cure is to escape the area for a week or so every 90 days. The pace of work and life hasn't really permitted that recently so I'm getting a tad punchy.

I attempted to alleviate a bit of the pressure tonight with a little Hora de Happy at The Flying Scotsman. I was joined by The Multicultural Spitfire, her sister, The Wee Lass (we're trying this alias on for size) and The Bunny. Since TMS and TWL are both single and will be attending Bunny's espectaculo of a New Years Party, I thought the opportunity to hang out and drink Belhavens might be a nice break.

Alas, I am still bunjed. Oh well. 64 more hours till I board a plane for the vanilla hell of St. Louis. My reading list is already set: The Virgin Suicides, Life of Pi, and David Sedaris's latest. And I might sneak my nephew into the Lemony Snicket movie - it can't traumatize the little guy that much, can it?

Oh, and for those who might be curious... I ended things with Nunzio over the weekend. Just wasn't that into him.

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