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July 21, 2005

must. stop. thinking.

All rightey. I've been on three dates with two men and I'm already thinking about it too much. Must. Stop. Thinking.

It has been a busy week, as a good friend was in town for business and invited me to join her at her posh hotel. Since my little studio lacks a bathtub, I naturally jumped at the chance. (Also, the hotel will lend you a goldfish for the duration of your stay! We named ours "Gil" as an homage to Bill Murray and his outstanding role of "Bob" in "What About Bob".) Plus, she's very good people and the first friend I made when I moved to DC. She also sees dead people but that's a whole 'nother story.

As a result, all contact with B1 and B2 has been by email only. Until tonight.

So, B1 followed up with a pleasant post-second date email on Monday; we generally trade an email per day. Last night he mentioned that he doubted we would be able to get together before I leave DC for my family reunion next Wednesday in the land of Mark Twain. His excuse is reasonable: he has family in town through Saturday night, plans on Sunday night, and will be leaving town for work on Tuesday. That leaves Monday as his only free night, and he was reluctant to make plans with me as a result. Monday also happens to be his birthday, so I can certainly understand wanting to spend time with long-time friends instead of a very recent romantic interest.

I'm giving him some room for various reasons... He called tonight (while I was on the phone with B2 - eek) to make sure that I understood why he probably wouldn't be able to see me before I left to see the family. Perhaps I should have emailed back today to say that I understood... But this situation bothers me just a little. I can understand wanting some "me" time, but my pride was a little bruised to learn that his "me" time was preferable to making out like a high-school junior with me. Apparently, he does not have plans yet anyway. Christ. Just lie to me and tell me you already have plans.

On the other hand, I'm not exactly left to my own devices. I mean, B2 is going to a wedding with me on Saturday. Yep - date numero dos will be to a wedding, and he says he's actually looking forward to it. I'm way past the age of thinking weddings are a big deal, and, he was "had" at the mention of free dinner. Plus, I promised to wear something that showed my decolletage to a very nice advantage. We email each other a couple times a day. He seems more emotionally available than B1.

See what I mean? Must. Stop. Thinking.

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