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July 12, 2005

america's office space aspirations

The NY Post posts a piece today about how Americans waste more and more time on the job with personal email and internet surfing. This is no small surprise. As a society we praise the workaholics and scorn those who "leave work at work". Sure, we produce far more than other nations but at what cost? Our sanity? Our families? Our health? Yes, yes, and yes. But by depriving ourselves of adequate vacation time, we're slightly less productive in the greater scheme of things. This is evident by the increasing amounts of time we spend on the internet reading frivolous blogs instead of working on those tps reports.

Anyway. The reason we're on this subject is because my site meter shows up some disturbing stuff on occasion. For example, a navy.mil address found me by doing a yahoo search on "i like my boobs". Now, that statement is patently true but what the hell? Some Seaman is looking for boob shots while on your and my dime. What kind of idiot goes looking for porn on a government computer? Apparently, idiots that are supposed to be protecting our freedom.

Another person seems to have found my blog by yahoo searching "fully clothed sex". I have no idea why I came up on that search, as most of you know I find that concept to be counterproductive.

Then there's that total creep in Atlanta that found me by yahoo searching for "poop sex". I don't know whether I'm more disturbed that I came up on that search or that there are people into that sort of thing. Exit only, people. Exit only.

Now, I try to be careful when I'm at work. I never blog at work (let's all channel our inner Palahniuk and repeat after me, "The first rule of blogging is we do not blog at work. The second rule of blogging is we do not blog at work."). I'm cautious about google search subject matter (leave the Toys in Babeland shopping for home, if you'd like to keep your job). I'm also cognizant that Big Brother keeps an eye on our computer meanderings. They do that in the private sector too, you know...

So, stop being a martyr and take a freaking vacation. You pervert.

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