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June 07, 2005

thank you baseball jesus!

The Bunny (who claims that he is unable to post due to myriad computer issues) and I got together at the DC local for some beer and baseball this evening. The Red Sox are in the midst of a three day series with St. Louis (in St. Louis), and St. Louis is finally showing them that they can play (see Bunny's point #3).

Yesterday, the Cards beat them 7-1, and today 9-2. Tomorrow? I have great hopes. I think that Baseball Jesus (see point #1 from the previous link) exists not only for the Red Sox - who freaking earned their World Series rings last October - but also to right wrongs. Lets face it: the Cards failed to perform and give the Red Sox the nailbiter of a series they deserved. Also, theres that whole saving face on home soil thing...

Funny part to the evening. The Bunny is ribbing me that Boston has won 7 world series, while St. Louis has only won 3. So, I call my dad to see if he knows the true number as three seems way off...

Dad - "Hello"

Me - "Hi, Daddy!"

Dad - Yes, I am. Maybe. Who is this?"

Me - "You're hilarious. How many WS's has STL won?"

Dad - "5. 4 or 5. Somewhere around there."

Me - "Thanks!"

Then we chat about other crap like the fact that Pujols should have gotten MVP last year but should get it this year. In the background, the Bunny is making fun of Pujol's name. Sad.

Boston will probably haul out all their best tomorrow, so I hope to catch the final game in this series, and I hope TMS (whose blog has been quiet due to a rather demanding work schedule right now and I am hopeful she will be able to add to it shortly) might be able to join us again.

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