Look, I'm not doing this for you, but for my own dark and twisted reasons. Oh, and because everyone else is doing it.


June 27, 2005


As I've told you all previously, online dating is a real crapshoot. I have a policy of not meeting with potential datees unless I've talked to them on the phone and made sure they're not batshit crazy.

Now, in the past, I have not used *67 to mask my caller identification. However, I suddenly decided to use it last week after one of my eHarmers asked me to call him. Talk about freaking foresight... He was a total whack-job. Unpleasant, confrontational, and strange. Seemed to be in search of someone with serious self-esteem issues. Told me that he was smarter than I am. And THEN, sends me a follow up message two days later asking me, "wherefore art thou?"...

Most of my friends out there know that this question (asked by Romeo regarding Juliet) means "why do you have to be a Capulet?", NOT "where are you?"

Fecking A. I am very nearly done with online dating.

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