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July 24, 2005

tour de whiskypants

B2 has pulled ahead of B1 in this latest leg of the Tour de Whiskypants: he was an excellent date for my friend's wedding (and showed considerable fashion sense by wearing a very nice linen suit) and even called to make sure I made it home okay (this sort of move is a clincher, by-the-way). Also, he kisses well (I'm tired of men using their mouths like gigantic wet sponges). The fact that I felt comfortable enough to call him this afternoon to see if he wanted to catch a late afternoon movie bodes well (if you haven't seen Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it is rather fun and the late afternoon movie ticket at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse is only $5). The fact that he was, indeed, interested in spending even more time with me bodes, like, even better.

We hit a new Thai place called Bangkok 54 after the movie - both food and service were great. B2 had the spicy roasted duck (which was excellent), and I had the chicken panang (very good - the heat was not overwhelming).

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