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August 04, 2005

a complete lack of fear

Hello to all three of my readers out there. Sorry for the lack of posting but I was visiting family in the midwest, and my lovelife has been more interesting of late.

For those interested: my niece is the sweetest most gorgeous baby ever! The nephew is going through some growing pains now that he is no longer center of the universe, but he's still my little pal. He was picked on at a cousin's birthday party by this atrocious 10 year old and I got to put the smackdown on the bully. FYI, scaring 10 year olds is way more satisfying than you might think. I finished Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and it made me cry. (Mock me if you will, but those books are a fantastic form of escape.) And I started Bergdorf Blondes on the plane ride home - it is rather entertaining.

The tour de whiskypants may have a winner... B2 pulled way ahead of B1 before I departed for the Children of the Corn Family Reunion, and maintained excellent email contact throughout my trip. What a darling man. He brought Thai takeout over upon my return Tuesday, and, well, let's just say that my usual happy demeanor has been even happier of late. This boy gives the Maestro a run for his money. (I don't know who taught B2 how to do that but thank you.)

And on that note, Nerve.com posted an interesting interview with a Dutch scientist who led a study on how the brain reacts to orgasm. The study indicates that orgasm deactivates a person's fear center, and causes a certain lower level of activity (a shutting down of sorts). While abstinence doesn't make you smarter, however, it will make you think/fear/feel anxious. Which is bad.

If I got the "moral" of that story right (and I think we all know that I did), then I really oughta be making use of B2's talents for the majority of the weekend. Since the goal will be to reduce fear and anxiety, I don't think he'll mind.

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