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August 08, 2005


I had a fantastic weekend, spending the majority of it with B2 (I think he needs a nickname). It was so good, that I felt a little depressed after I got home yesterday afternoon. You know how children get about 5 minutes after they have too much cotton candy? That was me: cranky and jonesing for more. And, no, I'm not ovulating.

B2 was incredibly sweet and fun. After waking on Saturday he tentatively asked if we were going steady. Then he blushed and felt embarrassed for sounding so "high school". It's been too long since a man was so open with me, and I loved it. He's emotionally available without being needy.

The only thing I hate is coming down from spending time with him. Last night, this god-awful movie called Deep Impact was playing. Cinematic manure. And I watched it anyway. And, I cried. I freaking cried at the end while making fun of the dialogue. And then I cried because I was angry for watching such a waste of time.

I'm in big big trouble...

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