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December 10, 2006

i hate extremes

This dating thing is just so utterly vexing. Last night I went out on the fourth date with the nicest chap (the guy I ran away from on our first date). He is very appreciative and respectful. And, he is either extremely cautious, asexual. or doesn't find me attractive. I can handle anything but but asexuality as the idea of not being into sex is sooooo depressing. The guy I went out with tonight? Complete opposite. French/Greek composite from Greece, says he's not a chauvinist pig when he actually is one, and just wants to get it on. So, if any of you girls out there have been corresponding with a guy who sounds like this on eHarm, let me know...

Apparently, it is too much to ask for a respectful man who actually likes women and thinks its a good idea to get to know each other before launching into a sexual relationship, but will be into having a marathon kissing session while we're still trying to figure things out.

Okay. I just read that last paragraph and determined that blogging under the influence is not the best idea. (Of course, the Greek got me drunk to try and take advantage - can't necessarily blame him as I was rocking the eyeliner and hair tonight.)

So, fourth date with Mr. Slow But Maybe Steady (SBMS) was Casino Royale (our third date was the Last King of Scotland with the gorgeous James McEvoy - sigh). Damn. He is the best Bond ever. I did not need to see sucy amazing testosterone-run-amock with such a chaste man. Daniel Craig was hot to start with, but he is breathtakingly sexy and feral as Bond. At a very primitive level, brutality and violence is such a turn on. I had no idea if SBMS realized how affected I was by the movie... Part of me wants to ply him with many drinks to see if we can get beyond the chaste peck on the lips thing we have going on. I want to know if this boy can really kiss - if there is any heat in it... Oh god. So setting myself up for disappointment.

Well, must go deal with my hiccups now and pass out. Please send any extra cherubs or other minor gods of love in my direction. I could use the help.

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