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November 15, 2006

you know what is not fun?

Mammograms. They're not fun. I had my first yesterday and I still ache.

[I wonder if my brother-in-law will continue reading after that opener. Ha! How embarrassing is that, B??]

Anyway. Mr. Nerver had to cancel tonight due to illness - that worked out well as I am also not feeling so hot. A Sunday afternoon date has been made with Mr. eHarmer - we're going to do something artsy and possibly drinksy.

Also, I've been messaging back and forth with another very charming nerver and I think we're going to become drinking buddies... In fact, I'm halfway tempted to start an online site to help pair up singletons with other singletons who just want to make new friends and drink whisky. None of this awkward-built-up-expectations bullshit that continues to ruin our ability to make friends and enjoy each other. One of my continuing complaints about online dating is how disposable it feels - how it makes it so easy for us to throw away people after a single use/date. I want to be able to approach each person as a possible friend as a well as a possible romantic interest; to be able to like a person enough after determining there isn't any romantic interest that I would want them to be a part of my (ever diminishing) circle of friends. (And, if they're true and good, introduce them to other single women.)

As I get older I find it harder to make new friends. People get married, move away, have children and get busy with their own lives. Being a single person in the midst of all that can get lonely (and the holidays are particularly tough). Thus, instead of some damn awful "It's Just Brunch" or whatever, I envision the formation of something like "Its Most Likely Just Platonic, But At Least Expensive Single Malts Will Be Involved and You Will Actually Feel Relaxed Because Your Just Probably Making a New Friend." Isn't that beautiful? So much better than having to pay $1400 to meet a buncha boring schlubs.

Also, Chewy (of the currently defunct Watermelon Memories and the designer of the Whisky Pants blog) was in town today and we got lunch at the Museum of the American Indian. She is a doll! And very funny. I hope she comes to visit again and brings her cute baby so I can visit with them longer.

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