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October 19, 2006

next thing you know i'll be hiring someone to date for me

You know you're a lazy bastard when you hire a cleaning service to clean your studio apartment.

I've meditated on hiring a cleaning lady for several months, and now that I make better money and have the blessing of my mommy ("Its not like you can't clean your own apartment, or you don't have the time to... You don't want to. That's why I hired a cleaning lady when you guys were kids."), I have hired a cleaning lady. She and her team will be here at 11:30 am tomorrow. It takes a team to clean a studio! Well, it just might take a team to clean my studio. This place is a fright. I've been pondering whether I should clean a little in addition to neatening, but the Slama advised against. I just don't want TeamCleanWhisky to fire me.

If this works out, I might just have to hire someone to date for me. It ain't right to be so apathetic during my sexual prime. Although, last night I turned my online dating profile back on and got an interesting message today... Maybe I'll have the hots for this one.

Lastly, I fucking hate the Mets. Hate them for walking Pujols. Not that the Cards are playing all that sharp, but considering all the freaking money and love that St. Louis pours into that team and their new stadium... They haven't had the sort of year this year that they had in '05, so I'm not as pissed as I was last year when they just fell apart in the post-season. During the 80's St. Louis fans (and those of every other National League team) had a motto: "We root for the Cards and whoever plays the Mets." We also used to refer to the Mets as pondscum, which New Yorkers and Mets fans found confusing, saying, "But we don't have any ponds near our stadium." For that reason alone, you all should be rooting for the Cardinals. At least they and their fans aren't totally retarded.

Update: Now that the Cards (via Molina - kind of hot for a catcher) have scored two more runs in the top of the 9th, I'm feeling slightly guilty for hating on the Mets with such ferocity. Can't help it (being a wus). Its the nice midwesterner inside me. So, now I have to say something nice about them: the Mets aren't as bad as they used to be. This has been a good and tough series; a real backbreaker. I don't envy the winner as they will be facing a very rested Detroit next week. Its been a long time since the Mets made it this far and I wouldn't begrudge them the win. I mean, did you see that catch that one outfielder (Chavez, I believe) made tonight??

Dammit! Fucking base hit and zero out. Fucking Mets. Enough with the magnanimous retroactive nice crap. Also, do they play that annoying music at all ballparks now? Or just Shea?

Update to the Update: You have to be kidding me. When did people start chanting Ole Ole Ole at baseball games? So wrong.

Oh, but wait! The hawt pitcher Wainwright and his gorgeous curveballs have won it (Okay, yes, Suppan and Molina contributed)! With the bases loaded! Quite them dramatic end! Now I feel kind of bad for the Mets and their fans. I'm an embarrassment to baseball fans everywhere.

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