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October 09, 2006

fairly accurate

Nerve dishes up some accuracy this week. They continue to mock my pain by highlighting what a klutz I am. Super. Just super.

"Libra (Sept. 22-Oct. 22) Where would we be today if Alexander Fleming hadn't left out his staphylococcus spores and discovered penicillin? This week, your clumsily inquisitive nature will lead to pleasant surprises. Perhaps you'll accidentally fall down some stairs while checking out that noise in the basement and be nursed back to health by a rich, attractive doctor who will lick your wounds for you. Don't be clumsy when it comes time to get intimate with this medical professional, however, lest you end up needing a dose of Dr. Fleming's discovery."

Yes, I have returned from my weekend away. This is what happened:

Ate oyster po boy at DCA, got to NYC, had serious tummy issues, slept in, went to Century 21 and found a Wacoal bra for $12, went to this cool place called Bar Jamon ("Ham Bar") and drank Spanish wine with the Slama and her man, went to a sushi bar, ate copious amounts of sushi and drank three bottles of sake (the three of us - I'm not that dissolute), passed out, fought off the cats, woke up with "sinus issues", had brunch, I think we went shopping, had mani-pedi's with the Slama and the Freckler, had light dinner with Freckler and met a friend of hers at Rice, drank some Latour wines at a tasting, saw a very strange show called The End of Cinematics at BAM courtesy of the Frecker, nearly got lost in the the NYC subway system b/c the 4/5 was not running, located the Q and found nice guy to help me navigate my way back to Manhattan, sinus issues did bad things to me, passed out, tired of fighting off the cats, let them cuddle up with me, woke up and puttered, got lovely brunch at a bistro across from Bloomies, went shopping with the Slama, snapped at the Slama while shopping, was overcome by guilt, bought pants and top for work, found the Slama, shopped more and apologized, went to a pub for nachos and beer, watched Casanova on Masterpiece Theatre (so good!), passed out with the cats (they are tenacious little jerks), woke up, went shopping, got birthday freebee from Aveda, had lovely repast, packed my stuff up, Delta Shuttle put me on an earlier flight and were super nice, got home an hour early.

I'm so tired that I kind of hurt.

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