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October 03, 2006

nananananananana bat tot!

Listen up. I will not be answering the phone on Wednesday night between 9 pm and 10 pm EDT. Nothing personal, just the season premiere of LOST. I will answer the phone between 8 pm and 9 pm, but may be distracted by this other show called Jericho. I will also be packing for my weekend of sin. I'm not saying that I'll be hitting up the entire seven deadly, but hope to cover sloth (sleeping in), lust (Kiki de Montparnasse), and gluttony (booze and shopping), and to cause envy (with my Bergdorf makeover and mani/pedi).

If you are curious as to why I have not had anything to say about recent current events, well, real sorry about that. However, the blogdom seems to have it all covered. Here at Whisky Pants, I usually try to keep it light and breezy. However...

First of all, you can't cure a child predator by sending him to rehab. He is not ever curable.

Second, anyone who knew of this and didn't take action to protect those kids has some 'splainin' and resignin' to do.

Third, I somehow doubt a blue ribbon panel will be able to really figure out how to end the senseless killing of innocent schoolchildren. How do you keep crazy people from being crazy? Either you improve access to mental health services/drugs or dose the water with prozac. Sadly, you turn the schools into prisons to keep predators out. You develop zero-tolerance policies (remember the schools that developed policies that banned all drugs, to include advil?) regarding bullying. And again, you improve access to counseling and other mental health or medical services to stop bullies and to assist the victims of abuse.

Want to know how to get the world to stop hating us? No? Then stop reading: You help them rebuild their infrastructure and cities, you build schools where their children are safe and free to learn, you keep your promises, you show them compassion. You do not support the corrupted/corruptible even though they are cool with your agenda. Your agenda isn't stacked with whats in it for you. Instead, you take that agenda, cram it up the nearest idiot's arse and focus on the issues that drive zealous fundamentalism: poverty and violence. Violence only begets violence, and we should all be at least cursorily aware that being very poor sucks. So, the fact that the situation in Iraq is going down the crapper shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone. Does it really take a blue ribbon panel to figure this stuff out?

Yes, it is time for me to get away from this city for a few days and get my drink on. Posted by Picasa

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