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September 12, 2006


"Hey - just wanted to let you know I made it home in one piece."
"Did you have a good time?"
"Meh. He did pay for dinner, which was nice!"
"What was he like?"
"Kind of dull. More portly than I expected."
She makes a disapproving noise.
"Yeah, I know. I like big guys, but this guy was bigger than I like." So, in addition to having gained weight since posting his last online dating photo, he had also lost hair. And looked old. To be fair, I don't think he thought I was any great prize either. It is so much easier when both parties know there isn't any chemistry from the very first minute...

But he paid for dinner. Why can't the guys I like (and who like me) insist on paying for dinner? This halfsies thing is a bunch of crap.

My limited experience with eHarm has shown that 66.66% of the eligible men are boring and oldish. 33.33% of them are interesting, but live too far away or aren't into me. It predominantly caters to and attracts the suburban dweller - the kind who find comfort in suburban living and don't mind the absurd commute. Dullsville.

I caved and went on a second date with the bouquet date guy over the weekend, and we had a good time. We may go out again on Thursday. I'm just not sure about him...

On Friday, I may have a first date with a Chemistry.com guy. It'll be my first with that particular site. The guy is a fellow midwesterner, but he also lives way out in the 'burbs (he didn't know any better being a recent transplant). Midwesterners are pretty good at using alcohol as a social lubricant, so I have some hopes about a positive outcome. Also, this one appears to post recent photos. He embraces the beer belly, and so do I. Let's hope he likes to pick up the tab too.

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