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August 22, 2006

its not you, its me

I'm resorting to posting cute photos because I really don't have anything to say. This month has been a real soul-sucker. It doesn't help that work had to be an out and out barn-burner today. I may be taking the Blackberry with me, but I won't be turning that bitch on except to play brickbreaker at the airport.

So, I'm taking the next 8 days off to play with my family, get my hair done, eat fresh tomatoes, frolic at the lake, fend off the 2 am panicked "are you still there?!?!" swats from my nephew, and wrestle my niece into cute outfits. Check the hair on the 17th month old, yo.

Anyways. You can always check out the weirdness at Chickenhead - their banners are fun. Or Foamy's latest rant. Or item # 3 from Velvet's post today - I'm not sure I would've kept my sanity without the laugh. Posted by Picasa

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