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August 20, 2006

t-minus 64 hours and counting

A photo of the monsters at rest.

My sister sounds exhausted. The Supremes were very demanding this weekend. She can hardly wait to get me home and sic them on me. They have Supreme Niece saying my name to me on the phone. She is also now saying "Oswald" (current fave cartoon) and "caca" (her father's doing, though I'm not opposed). The Neph has been much too busy with the neighbor kids to chat on the phone, and he has started piano lessons! I didn't start till I was eight, so I'm way impressed that he asked to start so soon.

Enough cuteness. Let's talk about dating again. In particular, let's talk about this crazy shite the Washington Post is doing called Date Lab (click here for an example). Talk about brave. Or crazy. Or just plain attention-whoreish. I don't dare put my real name up here, or name names (all about protecting the guilty over here). I suppose that knowing your experience will be on display for the nation might keep you from behaving badly...

The next dating-related link comes from DC Blogs. The Green Canary. This girl has some interesting ideas - notably that maybe dating would be easier in DC if we just went ahead and focused on the negatives first. I had a Young Frankenstein moment after reading this, a la "It! Could! Work!!" Posted by Picasa

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