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August 20, 2006

romantic gestures

1. For the first time ever, a man brought me flowers on the first date. Specifically, he brought flowers and herbs cut from his own garden. The cinnamon basil is fanstastic. He was an attentive dining partner, asked interesting and thoughtful questions, and seemed to find me alluring and charming (which, of course, I am).

2. He also asked me to let him know that I got home safely. I can't stress enough what an important gesture this is - fellas, if you really like a girl and she is on her way home after a late date then call to make sure she got home okay, or ask her to let you know that she made it home. Yeah, even an independent woman like me melts at this sort of stuff.

3. He went ahead and asked me out for a second date - possibly on Tuesday night before I fly to the midwest for some much-needed quality time with the Supreme Niece and Nephew.

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