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August 13, 2006

and so begins the healing of my liver

The Brits departed on Saturday morning - considering the recent excitement I'm sure their journey home was not enjoyable. It was wonderful to see them one last time... I was sad to see them go.

We covered an interesting topic before they left - that of unsexy names. As I approach my third year of online dating, I find that I'm (undeservedly) pickier than ever. For example, when confronted with a potential partner named, for example, "Vinnie" or "Arthur" my thoughts automatically turn to whether I can see myself shouting out this name in a moment of ecstasy. The answer is, "Hell. No."

The British Bombshell found the following names to be particularly unsexy: Colin, Sebastian, and Arthur. I think that Vernon, Harold and Gerald are all unsexy. Also, I'm not sure if I could go out with a Manny or a Rolf. I think Sebastian is fine, but the Bombshell has encountered a prat or two named Sebastian.

On a completely different subject, I think I had the greatest shopping experience of my entire life today. I went up to the Arundel Mills mall to see if Off Fifth or Last Call had any decent shoes to go with the dress I've found for TMS's and Bunny's wedding. Their shoe situation was not stellar, but the accessory department at Off Fifth delivered spectacularly! I found a cotton gauze oblong Emilio Pucci scarf/wrap, originally retailing for $260, on sale for $85 - quite a bargain! Or so I thought! When I got to the sales counter, I learned that it had been marked down to $35. I nearly cried. My inner 1970's Alitalia flight attendant had a little 'o' right then and there.

When was the last time you went to the mall, found an amazing designer item, a pair of shoes and got a mani-pedi for less than $100? Never. You know what happens when you use all your karma up at an outlet mall on a Sunday? The rest of the week takes a cruise of the crapper. Posted by Picasa

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