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August 12, 2006

i am whisky pants's frayed nerves

Circumlocutor is now sending random souls to visit my diary and heckle me into writing amusing posts. This will not do. I must be allowed the (albeit infrequent) introspective/moving post.

Now, for a little lesson on "whiskies" from Wikipedia:

"Whisky (or whiskey) comes from the Gaelic uisge/uisce beatha meaning "water of life", possibly modelled on the Latin phrase aqua vitae, of which it is also a distant cognate.

The spelling whisky (plural whiskies) is generally used for those distilled in
Scotland, Wales, Canada, and Japan, while whiskey is used for the spirits distilled in Ireland and in the United States. A 1968 directive of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives specifies "whisky" as the official U.S. spelling, but allows labeling as "whiskey" in deference to tradition, and most U.S. producers still use the latter spelling.

International law reserves the term "Scotch whisky" to those whiskies produced in Scotland.

Whiskies produced in other countries may not refer to their whisk(e)y as Scots, Scotch, Scotland, or Scottish. Similar conventions exist for "Irish whiskey", "Canadian whisky", and "bourbon whiskey".

In North America, as well as in part of Continental Europe, the abbreviated term "Scotch" is usually used for "Scotch whisky". In England, Scotland, and Wales, the term "whisky" almost always refers to "Scotch whisky", and the term "Scotch" is rarely used by itself. In Welsh the forms wisgi, wysgi and chwisgi are all used."

In sum, since I prefer scotch whisky I use that spelling. If you plan to link to me, please make a note of it. You may also take note that I prefer the expensive stuff, but not the speysides. Lagavulin is a particular favorite and helps with the nerves. I couldn't date in DC without it.

Anyway, thanks Circ, but I'm really not worthy. I'm leagues behind the DCeiver. Send those good people over to El Guapo. He's hilarious. And his friend, Miguel, is even better. (I pray that Miguel is not some literary device.)

More on dating tomorrow.

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