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September 07, 2006

lie of omission

I think I have a first date set for this weekend. However, it turns out that someone I know happens to know the guy, and they expressed very little excitement about him. Also, it seems that he has gained significant weight since he last posted a photo online. I'm all about a man with meat on his bones, but I don't like those who aren't upfront; who dissemble.

Obviously, the lack of a recent photo isn't as severe a lie/omission as being married. Did I ever tell you all about the married guy? His profile is still online and he continues to maintain that he is single, as opposed to separated or divorced (email me if you want to know his profile name). He was still married as of two years ago November, but waited a few months after we had ended things to tell me. I must have known this guy was a creep; as soon as I got his break-up email message I let out a HomerSimpsonesque "whoo-hoo!".

The bouquet-of-flowers-date-guy called on Monday to ask where I had been. I suspect that he called me by accident and then tried to cover by saying, "You got back last week? You should have called me!" Uh. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh...... Funny thing about that was the fact that I had emailed him while on vacation to ask how he was doing and he had no recollection of my message. Flowers are nice, but flakes are not. And guys who think I'm stupid enough to believe that sort of crap don't get a second chance.

It hasn't been an altogether bad day though. DCist had a very funny piece about a cat. Also, Gawker sent me to this little bit of hilarity.

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