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August 31, 2006

lactose intolerant

While I miss the fam, I do not miss sleeping in my nephew's trundle bed. I also do not miss being woken up in the middle of the night just so he can tell me that he has to use the bathroom. On the other hand, I do enjoy the time we spend together right before we fall asleep. We watch Animal Planet and Spongebob Squarepants and gossip about the mean kids in his class. He tells me that the meanest kid likes to mix milk in with his ketchup and sucks his thumb. I told him that the mean kid clearly has issues and to feel sorry for him.

However, while we were at the lake, the Neph and I shared the queen-sized sofabed and I got to find out why my sister went without sleep for the first 5 years of this kid's life. The Neph loves to snuggle up, but he does so in this violent manner - all sharp-edged elbows and knees - like an alligator in a death-roll. He has no sense of personal space. I tolerated the bruising till the night before we departed...

That night, my mom and I went out for frozen custard. I love frozen custard, but it does not love me. I've been lactose intolerant since forever and those little Lactaid tablets really don't help. So, I experienced a bit of gastric discomfort that night. In my sleepy state, I "shared" some of my discomfort (as one of my bosses would admonish, "Its not good to hold it in!") which caused my nephew to instantly unfasten himself from my side and scuttle to the other side of the bed. I'm still laughing about this. My stomach still ain't right.

The niece was adorable and demanding. I have sciatica from picking her up and swinging her around so much. I think we give in to her too much because she is such a beautiful child - but we just can't stop. (We spent $300 in a fancy-schmancy childrens clothing shop called Strasburg on the babykins - we are that bad) I called last night and sang to her over the speaker phone. My mother tells me that she went into a state of rapture, hugged the phone tightly, and then ran off with it. Posted by Picasa

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