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September 04, 2006

romantically frustrated yenta = perfect irony

There are now two couples out there who credit me for their marriages. I hear that pairing up a third will get me into heaven. That's real nice and all, but I'd rather have a great boyfriend. You know, one that actually cares about my orgasm. I keep asking when the matchmaking karma is going to return the favor. The Bunny opined (at his wedding reception on Saturday) that the return karma should be something along the lines of a crazy-rich handsome man, whose yacht pulls up to the beach I'm on, who sees me and instantly knows that he can't go on living without such beauty and cleverness.

Well, I can tell you that he probably isn't one of the 62 matches that eHarm has sent to me. Damn. Those people don't suck you in with the quality of their matches - they're all about drowning you in (often iffy) possibilities. He most likely isn't to be found on chemistry or nerve/salon/onion either. At least I'm staying busy.

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