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September 18, 2006

adult onset attention deficit disorder, or, why commercials are so great

Although September hasn't been as much a drudge as August, I still lack the inspiration to create posts worth reading. All I can do is update you on my humdrum existence.

Thursday date guy (flower guy) flaked out with a valid, yet unverifiable, excuse. It worked out well since I was beat. Friday date guy was great. Fun, funny, and not unattractive. However, I had to explain a couple SAT words and he didn't recognize the name of a MAJOR cabinet member. These are things I can deal with. The best part of the date was that I saw Ana Marie Cox! The original and nonpareil Wonkette. She visited Harry's bar late on Friday night with her very cute/conservative husband. She's very cute, looks great in jeans, and has nice skin. I wrestled momentarily with approaching her to tell her how much I missed her presence (and the superfluous mentions of assfuckery) on Wonkette. Instead, my inner cheerleader beat the hell out of my inner dork and I left her and her husband alone with their adult libations.

There are some good things left in this world. Like commercials. Remember the romantic Brawny paper towel guy? Well check out the Cleaning Hunks. (The Brooklyn Freckler and I prefer Jason, in the cowboy outfit!) Hey, you know that guy that keeps advertising on craigslist to clean womens' apartments in the nude? Well, he's gotta be a bit of a disappointment after the Cleaning Hunks.

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