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September 13, 2006

piss off my friend at your own dental risk

The Slama and her beau are taking a "break". Well, actually, the beau decided to "suggest" taking a "break" for a week and then meeting up to see where things stand. The Slama has retaliated by using his toothbrush to clean her catbox. It was a short-lived retaliation; she threw it out after using it to scrub off the bits of kitty poop/litter and then felt very guilty. I thought it would have been much funnier to hold onto it, but if they had gotten back together I suppose that might have put the kibosh on the canoodling.

Especially if he found out.

In any case, I hate it for her. This "break" stuff is such bullshit - 9 times out of 10 the guy is too chickenshit to just go ahead and break it off. The beau is european, so maybe he's the 1 of 10 exception to that rule. I sure hope so. If not, that's a real waste of awesome poopy toothbrush revenge.

Dating is exhausting. The third date tomorrow ought to be okay. The guy is quirky but cool. I'm taking it pretty slow as I'm still not sure about his flake quotient. And the first date for Friday is on as well. He's a recent transplant and I think this might be a definite advantage; he hasn't been completely infected by the usual DC Dating Malaise yet...

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