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October 04, 2006

finding my bliss

See that filthy little face? That is what oreo cookies do to 18 month olds. I know you must think ill of my sister to allow her babe to snack so indulgently, but how can you not when it makes her so happy.

Anyway, I want this look for me. Well, not the orange icing and oreo bits. I want my eyes to radiate the same sort of joy. I want my smile to be that perfect.

I think my bliss will be found in various ways this weekend: at the spa having mani-pedis, getting purtied up by fancy schmancy Bergdorf cosmetics mavens, finding that perfect Christmas gift for my mom, getting to spend time with favorite friends, and drinking whisky. Lots of expensive and complex single malts. You only turn 36 once. Even though the official day is Friday, the celebration will occur all weekend.

To be honest, I got my birthday gift about a week ago while visiting my charming dermatologist. While we discussed how to keep my skin clear, I asked him when I might need Restylane or Botox. He instructed me to lift my eyebrows, furrow them, smile, etc, and then informed me that I didn't need it anytime soon and to use that money on a trip. It made my week.

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