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October 16, 2006

comment control issues

Being mostly unpopular - and glad of it - I don't get too much traffic. By proxy, I don't get too much spam in the comments section.

Earlier today, some random blogger entered a comment on yesterday's post, saying he had found my blog via backtracking his links and then proceeded to plug some inane water balloon fight thing. Maybe it was paintball. I have no idea - my mind was simply blown that someone would think I truly enjoyed that sort of shit. What I noticed is that he had nothing to say about the particular post and that he was selling his own crappy blog thinking I would be into it. A spam by any other name still smells lousy. And, now I have that Monty Python skit in my head...

Having clearly proved to be spam, his comment was deleted. This is not a bitchy thing. Its kind of like throwing away that craptastic circular you always get with your mail...

Sometimes, I will get a very random comment that isn't spam. If the comment is strange or mean, I will also delete them. If you don't like it, get over it. I mean, come on, this blog isn't worth a tinker's damn...

In case he visits again - please be advised that I am 36 (information readily available if you click on "view my complete profile") and that your target market are twentysomethings. Or teenagers. Really vapid and annoying ones. Probably mostly boys too. Anyways, please just kindly go away.

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