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October 11, 2006

wonkette finally pisses me off with their lazy-ass and lacking research skills

So, today Wonkette discussed the nefarious doings at the good ole Thompson Markward Hall, aka the Young Womens Christian Home, aka the Virgin Vault, aka the Beaver Lodge. It was my first home here in DC way back in 1995, and either that place is way more fun than it used to be or I was just blind.

First of all, pages did not live at TMH. The age range was 18-34, so college-aged through spinster only. There were certainly interns, but I don't recall seeing any resembling La Washingtonienne. She would have made that joint a tad more interesting. There is a Senate page dorm as well as a dorm for the House pages, but I do not know if they are all that debauched.

TMH was a great place to live if you were new to the area and working on the Hill. You got two square meals a day, usually you're own room, and a safe and nice place to live that wasn't crazy expensive. The first friend I made at TMH is still one of my most favorite people.

I lived there from Jan - May of 1995, and it seemed like the majority of the residents were on the way conservative side. The R's had just taken the majority. So, things didn't get much wilder than the regular bible studies. Many girls would venture way out to McLean Bible on Sundays in order to get closer to their God (and to find tolerable single men). Once, just for the chance to get away for a weekend, I tagged along on a "retreat" to the Chesapeake and discovered how very tenacious/preachy the Christian right could be... Obviously, I recovered from the attempted Stepfordization, and have been to church maybe 10 times since then (include weddings).

Maybe some of those new young Republican staffers decided to give peep shows so's they wouldn't go utterly postal and skank-out during those long hours spent opening totally critical Congressional correspondence from half-literates back home in KS. During my stay - and I believe this is still true, men weren't allowed beyond the "parlour" - not even your dad to help haul heavy crap up to your room. Also, I never saw anything fun going on in that sad, sad parlour, and I never heard about these open-blind shows for the United States Capitol Police.

What I'm trying to say is TMH used to be a nice, clean, safe and quiet place where girls could make new lasting friendships, enjoy staying in an historical home, and masturbate quietly by themselves in their dark, shuttered rooms. I am completely offended that Wonkette would suggest the place has become a peep-show! We were not those kinds of girls. We became them after we moved out. M'kay?

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