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October 17, 2006

getting older does not mean getting better

I used to be a lot better at dating and people skills. Then, I got old and was single for far too long. Result? I'm a jerk sometimes.

The most recent example included a very nice man who I went out with four times and only kissed goodnight. We most recently went out on Saturday night. During that date (which wasn't as fun as the previous three days but still fun enough to give it another go), I mentioned that I might go shopping on Sunday and might want company. He seemed interested and I told him I'd call him if I wanted company. Well, I woke up with a headache and a severe case crankiness on Sunday. Accordingly, I didn't call but did make a brief foray out. (Found the perfect Christmas gift for the Momsta at Off Fifth.) In retrospect, I could have called or texted and explained the situation, but it had only been four dates and no nooky. I guess I figured things were still pretty cazh.

Guess not, since I im'd him yesterday and relayed the aforementioned, and he kind of ended the im chat rather abruptly and I haven't heard from him since (which is out of character)... I feel badly since he is a super nice guy and I should have been more of a friend. At the same time I'm not particularly attached to him. At least, not yet. Shouldn't you be kind of attached by the fourth date? Or at least in some state of lust? Ideally, there would be a combination of those two. In any case, I obvs need to rein in my apathy if I want to continue dating.

p.s. - Someone from the Merit Systems Protection Board checked out 16 of my past posts this afternoon. Why am I not surprised that they're not that busy over there? Holla! (Which I believe either means "back at ya" or "do I know you?" to today's youth. Keep in mind that I am old!)

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