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November 01, 2006

nothing good can come of this

I have dates scheduled with an eHarmer and a Nerver this weekend. The eHarmer (Friday night) seems a little stiff, but nice. He's definitely a bit done with online dating having had little success with eHarm (shocker). I so sympathize with him. The Nerver (Saturday night) seems a tad more fun. We'll see. I'm altering my game a bit this time; I'm going to get them drunk and see if they want to kiss me (as opposed to jumping right into the kissing). Then, I'm going to hold out on the kissing till the second date. Of course, I'll be super-pissed if there's no second date since I haven't had the sex in about 85 days or something and it would really be nice if one of these guys decided I was appealing and that I found appealing enough that I might want to have the sex with them. That would just be grand.

Knowing me, it will all be quite disappointing. It will be awkward and I'll probably put my foot in my mouth, but not really mind because the guy is kind of irritating and has excessive nose hair. Perhaps it will be funny, or at least amusing at my expense. Kindly send me a little good karma this weekend if you have any to spare.

Last night was fun. Had a xanax, a glass of wine and joined my neighbors to hand out candy. I dressed up as a bitter spinster - wore an oversized tee, some pajama bottoms, a glass of wine and an attitude. As usual, we had quite a few uncostumed teenagers and several adults asking for treats. Is this an urban thing? While we always had teenagers in the burbs, I never ever experienced an adult asking for candy till I moved here. One woman was bold enough to go trick-or-treating without any kids or costume - asking for two pieces as she had "twins at home". Rather than risk having her defecate on our doorsteps, we obliged and gave her candy. Two pieces, mind you, as she was quite insistent. At one point, a horde of teen boys ran up the street with several dozens of eggs, shouting something about meeting up at 13th and C. I don't know who got hit, but thank Gawd it wasn't me.

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