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October 27, 2006

[insert your favorite expletive here]

I met the perfect guy, but not before he met someone else first. Someone much younger. And incredibly nice. I'm in the early planning stages to disrupt this situation (ideas are welcome) - I want this crush to myself.

Conventional Wisdom would generally point out that if he met someone else, then he really wasn't the perfect guy for me. I would like to punch Conventional Wisdom in the kisser right about now. He really is the perfect guy.

I've decided that I'm becoming a little too hard. All inconsequential dating and no fireworks makes La Whisky a very dull girl. I've stopped trying with the online dating stuff even though that's where I really have any opportunity to meet men. The guys my age have the same sort of issues that I have (picky, impatient, suffering from the "is the grass greener over there? syndrome" and other various baggage) - making us ill-matched before the get-go.

In other news, I'm not the only one who is tired and cranky:

Me: 'sup? How is everyone?
La Sister: Home is fine. [Your niece] slept last night so I am going to keep her for another week. [As opposed to selling her to the gypsies.] [Your nephew] is a drama king. He's done two book reports now, has 10 to go. He cries bitterly when he has to do homework, stating that we "never let him play, ever!!"

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