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October 22, 2006

perfect day, perfect dinner, perfect game, and going away for a week...

What a perfect day. I slept in, did nothing for several hours (didn't need to clean as I now have a cleaning team), cleaned up, and then went over to the Bunny's and TMS's for dinner. A wonderful dinner! The Bunny made this chestnut bisque to start with, followed by sauteed mushrooms and beef tenderloins and pork chops. He was joined by his former room mate and amateur sous chef, and one of TMS's former colleagues joined us as well. TMS had homemade vanilla ice cream with a cinnamon infusion for dessert!

Then, just when I didn't think things could get any better, we checked the status of the first game of the World Series to find that the Cards were winning 7-1. 7-1! Well, actually, they won 7-2. Utter insanity. It was shocking enough that they won on Thursday night. By all rights, the Tigers should have kicked their asses tonight. To quote the WaPo:

"The Tigers, who will send rookie fireballer Justin Verlander to the mound in Game 1, will have gone seven days without a game -- your basic bye week -- having swept the Oakland Athletics in the ALCS. For them, the extended layoff means their injured (most notably first baseman Sean Casey and ace reliever Joel Zumaya) are healed, their arms are fresh and their travel-agent duties are over.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, were extended to seven games in the NLCS by the Mets, winning Thursday night's Game 7 on a two-run home run in the ninth inning by light-hitting catcher Yadier Molina, arriving at their Detroit hotel at around 4 a.m. Friday. The Cardinals face serious questions about their health, the state of their pitching staff (which contained no better Game 1 option than rookie Anthony Reyes) and just how much fuel they have left in their tanks."

They must be running on pure adrenalin and momentum. In the 2004 WS, they basically fell apart and pretty much handed the series to the Red Sox on a silver platter (it was an exciting win, and one that the City of St. Louis was wonderful about - they invited the Red Sox fans who were standing outside to come inside the stadium to watch the last couple innings and to celebrate with the fans who had tickets - that is pure midwestern graciousness). I think that the Tigers might be back on their toes tomorrow, and anticipate they won't be pitching to Pujols anymore. It is exciting to see my hometown team fighting against so much adversity with so much heart! [Oh, getting a little misty here. Tawlk amongst yourselves. Topic: Molina is hot - even my mom thinks he's super cute. Discuss.]

I will be out of town this week to attend some training. I probably will not be able to blog while away since the only computers I will have access to will be gov't-owned, and I do not blog at work... Just comment. A lot. I'm going to the place where there are tons of firefighters - maybe there will be a couple cute ones.

To keep you in reading material, I've pulled some posts (past and present) together that I've enjoyed. Remember to pace yourselves. This stuff needs to last you till Friday night.

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