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December 10, 2006

important v pointless

Supremes = Important
Work = Mostly Pointless (getting paid is nice)

Sometimes you have to watch a Monty Python movie to get your priorities straight.

Originally, I took this job thinking I might be able to make a difference. The agency has, sadly, ended up a victim of the rot and dysfunction occuring at much higher levels. This has resulted in a sort of frenzied scramble to cover asses, and nobody is looking out for anybody else. Accordingly, my New Years Resolutions are going to be to stop stressing over my job, to not work more than 80 hours per pay period, and to plan a decent vacation. This year, I'm hoping it will be to see the British Bombshell and her beau. I'm officially done worrying about that place and my performance; in the long run it doesn't matter. Goodbye "excellent" performance ratings and my IBS, and hello to "satisfactory" and having a social life.

The Nephew had a Ralphie moment when they went to visit Santa Claus a couple weeks ago (my niece is having a Randy moment in the photo above...). After spending way too much time in line for a 6 year old, he got up to Santa and forgot what he wanted for Christmas. Fortunately, Santa was kinder to the Neph than he was to Ralphie... he was allowed to run out to my sister, where he said, in a panic, "I forgot what I want for Christmas!!!" My sister reminded him that he wanted PlayMobil stuff, and Santa sweetly responded, "I think we can take care of that for you, honey."

Good lord, do I love Christmas. Only 10 more nights till some much needed downtime with the family...

I didn't realize till today that A Christmas Story and The Meaning of Life were both released in 1983: "so remember when your feeling very small and insecure / how amazingly unlikely is your birth / and pray that there intelligent life somewhere up in space / cause there's bugger all down here on Earth." Posted by Picasa

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