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December 11, 2006

little more seratonin in me

So, I LOVELOVELOVE this little movie. I caught the link from another dcblogger a while back and can't remember who it was to give them credit. Blame it on the xanax, yo.

I'm Bringing Paxil Back

There are just too many fantastic things about this video. That, and I secretly loved Justin's original version (which happens to my sister's groove - she loved the video too and since she's in the health field I think that pretty much provides a major stamp of approval).

Disclaimer: By no means am I making fun of depression, anxiety, OCD, or other important and serious ailments that might be particularly heightened by stress we feel due to the holiday season. In fact, I'm all about finding your happy place via prescribed medicines, sleep aids (waiting for the Lunesta to kick in, for that matter), therapists, safe but fun sex, small amounts of excellent chocolate, and by buying yourself that glorious shirt, Marc Jacobs handbag, or bauble. Depression is a serious disease often exacerbated by the holidays. If the video does not cheer you up or make you jones for some happy pills so that you can cheer up, then please contact your doctor immediately! But, bringing Paxil back may not bring your sexy back (sad side effect, so do research on the sexier drugs...). Ohh - I think the Lunesta just kicked in...

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