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December 14, 2006


My telenovela fascination has gotten completely out of hand. It's the last week of Rebelde, so of course I'm taping it. I'm taping a teeny-bopper Mexican telenovela. I like it so much that I think they should make a US version, a la Ugly Betty. Someone get Salma on the phone...

On top of that, I've been completely dragged into the mess that is Heridas de Amor and Mundo de Fieras. The latter is pretty awful. Well, so is the former for that matter. The only saving grace on Univision is La Fea Mas Bella, which is the Mexican version of Yo Soy Betty, La Fea, which is the basis for Ugly Betty (produced by the lovely Salma Hayek) and the whole reason why I got started on this sendero de locura. See? I know way too much about this mierda for a white chick. I tell people that I'm watching to keep my Spanish skills sharp, to help teach the Supremes a thing or two about their father's ancestors' lengua. I mean, es verdad, yo hablo tanto mas espanol que mi cunado or su familia, pero this is redonkulous. (At the same time, I have not figured out how to input proper Spanish puncutation in blogger. I'm lazy.)

Obviously I wouldn't have this problem if I had cable. Other than Univision and PBS, and new episodes of LOST, there isn't much worth watching. Now, my obsession is moving into the Latino music realm. And, like my telenovela obsession, my taste in Latino music es horrible. Evidence? My latest iTunes playlist:
1. Salvame - by/por RBD (from the Rebelde novela - this show is quite the moneymaker)
2. Estoy Perdido - by/por Luis Fonsi (who is hawt)
3. Try a Little Tenderness - by/por the Barrio Boyz
4. Te Aviso/Te Anuncio (Tango) - by/por Shakira
5. Rebelde - RBD
6. Whenever, Wherever - Shakira
7. I Like It - The Blackout Allstars
8. La Tortura (Shaketon Remix) - Shakira

To be quite frank, I never really had good taste in music. For example, I might be hitting the Black Cat tomorrow with The Multicultural Spitfire and her esposo for their New Order vs. Duran Duran dance party. I'll totally be rooting for Duran Duran.

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