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December 16, 2004


It was a rough day. A car alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. and launched me right out of bed. Most of my gentle readers (all three of you) know that I do not get up without a fight even on a good day. There's lots to be done before I take off for St. Louis on Saturday and I'd like to ignore my Smackberry between Christmas and New Years. (Yeah. Fat chance. I have a love/hate relationship with that thing.)

So, I'm home trying out this lemon poundcake recipe (Note to self: read recipe through next time - finding out you need a hand mixer halfway through the blending of ingredients is not a good thing. Damn my arm is tired.) and decided to do a little cleanup. I've added a couple blogs: She's Actual Size comes from our new friend, Wee Lass, and sister of Multicultural Spitfire; Defective Yeti - which I found on Watermelon Memories; Veiled Conceit - some snappy NY Times wedding announcement satire; and I've updated the link for Smitten.

The Bunny's New Years Extravaganza is coming up, and DC will be sending a delegation of approximately seven. I'm still behind on the attire situation. Bunny is concerned that my DC colleagues might not be able to hang with the prevailing/somewhat base sense of humor shared by the Boston/Naptown krewe. I assured him that a change of venue and culture will be welcome by us all. One of our members comes from Pittsburgh, which looks pretty scrappy on tv; and my dad raised me on Monty Python and Dumb and Dumber. If you're a member of the delegation, please feel free to post a comment supporting the fact that we are very cool chicks that can have fun anywhere, and not a bunch of snotty power-sucking fem-bots.

Motley Crue is playing in DC on March 6. Who's going with me?

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